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Preparation for Later Life
Google Maps and Public Transport
10/26/2016 12:36:39 PM

Google Maps and Public Transport

In this article I want to focus on Google Maps, specifically using Google Maps to make using public transport easier.
Most people know what Google Maps are – but just in case a quick overview might help. Google Maps is a huge interactive map on your browser that gives you the amazing opportunity to zoom in to pretty much any place in the UK and see very specific details like street names etc. just as you would on a road map. You can do this for almost anywhere in the UK, at any time, with no need to turn pages or own multiple road maps and so on. This alone would be a great tool, but on top of that you can search for local businesses, train stations and even people’s addresses etc. Furthermore, one great feature, amongst many, is the ability to plan out a route, say from your home in Manchester to your friend’s in London, as well as something closer to home, like Rusholme to Cheetham Hill, Fallowfield to Manchester City Centre, and so on. 
T9 & Autocorrect
9/14/2016 1:31:07 PM

T9 & Autocorrect

For those who don’t know, T9 and autocorrect are tools used on mobile phones to make sending a text a quicker and easier process, something presumably very appealing to many people. You will find T9 on phones that use physical 1-9 (plus 0,# and *) keypads rather than touchscreen and autocorrect on the touchscreen devices. 

Handmade vs. Machine Made
7/27/2016 8:40:39 AM

Handmade vs. Machine Made 

In my previous article I discussed the ongoing battle between old and new, especially when it came to technology. I touched upon some peoples preferences for handmade over mass produced by machine, giving the example of clothing, asking whether one would prefer a cheap item from their local big brand shop, or perhaps pay a little extra to get something hand knitted from a speciality store. Of course it isn’t always the case that handmade is more expensive, there is a sliding scale. If you wanted to purchase a Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana cardigan, for example, it may cost a lot more than even one painstakingly hand knitted with organic llama wool all the way over in Chile, just because of the popularity and exclusivity of the name of the brand. But there is a lot more to it than cost of course, and more examples other than just clothing.
Free Video Messaging Services
7/21/2016 10:20:24 AM

Free Video Messaging Services

As mentioned in a previous article, two of the biggest free video messaging services today are Skype and FaceTime. When used correctly, they can be a means of maintaining and perhaps even improving your social life through easy to use interfaces that enable you to be a few clicks of a button away from seeing and hearing those dearest to you. They could be down the road or on another continent, whether it be your children, grandchildren, siblings or even just friends, having a free way to converse can be invaluable when you are unable to meet in person. 
Alternative Board Games: Mancala/Congkak
6/15/2016 9:51:43 AM

Alternative Board Games: Mancala/Congkak   

Whether you have hit the age of retirement or not, having some down time can be important and it’s great if you can find something new to entertain yourself and your family. Many people in this situation may turn to board games, but what about some of the lesser known options that are on the market? 
Four Important Pastimes During Retirement - Part 2
5/5/2016 10:37:27 AM

Four Important Pastimes During Retirement - Part 2

Starting from where we left off after part one of these articles, the next thing I would like to focus on is simply finding or continuing a good hobby that you genuinely enjoy. In the previous article I mentioned the importance of maintaining your surroundings and keeping an active social life, but having something to do in your down time can further improve the balance in your life when you hit retirement.
Four Important Pastimes During Retirement - Part 1
4/7/2016 8:58:33 AM

Four Important Pastimes During Retirement - Part 1

They say the problem with retirement is that you never get a day off. While in work you may have spent the little time you had free, whether on the weekend or otherwise, dealing with family commitments, simply just resting or even catching up with work or getting a head start on the week ahead. The risk during retirement is that one simply finds oneself with too much free time - time that you don’t know how best to fill. On top of this, it seems that a mix of work alongside play makes one appreciate both more. Some spare time it is almost like a treat, unlimited spare time when you have no or few pressing commitments can get tiring quickly. Just imagine your favourite meal - you enjoy it maybe once a week or month. The prospect of being faced with it day in, day out quickly becomes less appealing. So this is why it is important to have ‘more items on the menu’.
Do You Really Need Such an Expensive Phone?
2/9/2016 9:42:06 AM

Do You Really Need Such an Expensive Phone?

Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z5, Microsoft Lumia 950, Nexus 5X, Blackberry PRIV and HTC One A9. They are popular phones, they are expensive phones, but are they the phones you need? Well it probably depends on who you are asking. Perhaps a busy, jet setting businessperson who constantly needs to keep on top of their emails, make face to face video calls with clients, hold meetings with employees, check commodity prices, view news events as they happen, send money across the globe and keep track of their finances while booking a plane ticket from New York to Singapore next week while in the back of a cab in Berlin. OK, that person could probably do with the newest iPhone, and probably has the salary to pay for it too. But what about someone getting ready to leave work or fresh into retirement?

Part 2 Becoming Acquainted with Technology
1/12/2016 1:51:51 PM

Becoming Acquainted with Technology: Part 2

Last week we looked at the pleasures a simple grasp of the internet can bring. But if going online and using more features of your computer is a world that’s new to you then perhaps these 5 pointers will guide and re-assure you:

Part 1 Becoming Acquainted with Technology
1/5/2016 11:13:32 AM

Becoming Acquainted with Technology: Part 1

Things move quickly nowadays.  And in the space of just a few years we have witnessed the growth of technologies such as mobile phones (and their more advanced cousins, smartphones), laptops, PCs and tablets. We’ve witnessed the growth of messaging services such as texting, WhatsApp and instant messaging. Increasingly people use face to face video calling using services such as Skype and FaceTime. The business world has seen the rise and reign of giants such as Apple and Microsoft. And often you may find reference is made to the growth of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.
“To me it is rocket science….” – a new way of supporting people as they plan for retirement.
6/23/2015 10:23:07 AM

 “To me it is rocket science….” – a new way of supporting people as they plan for retirement.

The person who claims to have a good grasp of the new complex world of pensions is a very rare beast indeed. Even if you speak to an Independent Financial Advisor about the recent changes they’re likely to deflect your questions, promising an answer once they’ve “spoken to compliance”.
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