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Preparation for Later Life
Part 2 Becoming Acquainted with Technology
1/12/2016 1:51:51 PM

Becoming Acquainted with Technology: Part 2

Last week we looked at the pleasures a simple grasp of the internet can bring. But if going online and using more features of your computer is a world that’s new to you then perhaps these 5 pointers will guide and re-assure you:

Part 1 Becoming Acquainted with Technology
1/5/2016 11:13:32 AM

Becoming Acquainted with Technology: Part 1

Things move quickly nowadays.  And in the space of just a few years we have witnessed the growth of technologies such as mobile phones (and their more advanced cousins, smartphones), laptops, PCs and tablets. We’ve witnessed the growth of messaging services such as texting, WhatsApp and instant messaging. Increasingly people use face to face video calling using services such as Skype and FaceTime. The business world has seen the rise and reign of giants such as Apple and Microsoft. And often you may find reference is made to the growth of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.
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