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Preparation for Later Life
Do You Really Need Such an Expensive Phone?
2/9/2016 9:42:06 AM

Do You Really Need Such an Expensive Phone?

Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z5, Microsoft Lumia 950, Nexus 5X, Blackberry PRIV and HTC One A9. They are popular phones, they are expensive phones, but are they the phones you need? Well it probably depends on who you are asking. Perhaps a busy, jet setting businessperson who constantly needs to keep on top of their emails, make face to face video calls with clients, hold meetings with employees, check commodity prices, view news events as they happen, send money across the globe and keep track of their finances while booking a plane ticket from New York to Singapore next week while in the back of a cab in Berlin. OK, that person could probably do with the newest iPhone, and probably has the salary to pay for it too. But what about someone getting ready to leave work or fresh into retirement?

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