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Preparation for Later Life
What We Offer

  • Our aim is to provide people with the information, and the contacts, that will better prepare them for the challenges of retiring from paid work

  • Retirement is a time of major change – in our experience the people that manage it best not only have access to relevant and independent information about their finances, but are also able to make informed choices which promote  good physical and mental health, happy relationships and strong social networks 

  • We offer more than just a one-off course - without additional charge we also offer an on-going programme of workshops, seminars, talks and social events

  • We see retirement as a process, not just as an event; to manage the changes as they arise we encourage people to maintain their contact with PRAGMA – we may well have an answer to a problem or enquiry that arises only after retirement

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PRAGMA is a member of the Age Concern Manchester group of charities - Registered Charity No. 507848