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PRAGMA Membership

PRAGMA is a membership organisation and has a range of members from large organisations to individuals. Trade unions, voluntary organisations, colleges and other course providers, independent financial advisers are also welcome to join us. All members are able to attend, speak and vote at our AGM.

An attraction of membership for employers who use our services is that membership confers the right to a discount of 10% on course fees.

Our annual subscription fees is £5.00 for individuals     

Voluntary Organisations £35.00

Trade Unions -
Individual branches £25.00
Regional organisations £60.00
National organisations £125.00

Employer firms and organisations -
under 50  employees £60.00
50 - 500 employees £150.00
over 500 employees £200.00

Independent Financial Advisers £250.00

Educational Establishments £150.00


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PRAGMA is a member of the Age Concern Manchester group of charities - Registered Charity No. 507848