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Preparation for Later Life
What Makes Us Different


  • We are an independent educational charity -
our pre-retirement learning events are free from any sales agenda for financial or other products or services
  • On-going support -

after the course we offer free one-to-one interviews with qualified experts, free telephone support, free seminars, workshops, talks and socials

  •  It’s not all about finance -

    while getting finances in order is often a first priority, maintaining good physical and mental health and a supportive social network is of paramount importance to get the most from retirement

  • We include contributions from retired people -

    a valuable input that complements the information from experts

We aim to assist people to acquire the skills and knowledge to sustain and improve the quality of life from mid-life onwards.

Our objectives are -

1   to stimulate and promote increased awareness of the benefits  of, and the need for, pre-retirement education

2   to maintain and improve the quality of pre-retirement education in North-west England

3   to research the current and developing needs of the pre-retirement population and develop responsive strategies

4   to develop and maintain PRAGMA as a centre of excellence and as a provider and resource of first choice

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PRAGMA is a member of the Age Concern Manchester group of charities - Registered Charity No. 507848