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Preparation for Later Life

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For everybody retirement is a period of change, and, in consequence, it has its challenges. As it approaches many people start by sorting out their finances. But there are plenty of other issues to consider and it soon becomes clear that a successful retirement isn’t just about money.

 I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to speak to Dr Julian Edge to answer some of your questions. Julian is a fully qualified member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy; he regularly does work, as a counsellor, for us at Age UK Manchester.

 There are 4 short interviews. Each are about 4 minutes long.


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Accepting Change & Taking Control Click to listen
Retirement involves change. How can you make a smooth transition? 

Relationships Click to listen
What might happen to your friendships with the people you worked with? How might being at home more change things between you and your partner?

Health Click to listen
How can retirement affect your physical health and your general sense of well being? How can you take control?

An Active Life Click to listen
Dr Edge talks about the pleasures, and benefits, of keeping active.

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